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Oct 28, 2012 8:00am EDT
270 that way. they are important. >> if he wins wisconsin -- again it was won by john kerry in 2004, comfortably by barack obama in 2008. it would be a swing back for wisconsin. paul ryan is on the ticket. there's some thinking there and the polling is relatively close. he would also -- if he didn't win ohio, the run of all the swing states, colorado, virginia, north carolina, florida, et cetera. >> wisconsin is interesting. we neglected wisconsin, it's very important. wisconsin is a state where we had this recall election in the past. the ground game for the republicans is very strong. a lot of things about obama has been the ground game they have developed since 2008. it's been so efficient. so many field offices. wisconsin is the state where they had the recent recall where republicans invested in the get out the vote. it could be where you get the surprise. >> it's strong for progressives and organized labor because not just the governor's recall election, but the state house recall election, which actually went the other way. i have said from the beginning, which is a nice thin
Nov 3, 2012 8:00am EDT
professional workers and government who do such a good job, it was important to hear john nichols talking earlier about the laborers who come out to putting their own lives at risk in situations like this, you know, we need to maintain support for this. and i want to be clear that over the last 15 years, we have seen republican administrations eviscerate the professional workers in federal agencies, we have seen republican governors eviscerate state agencies, and in my view that's what makes us less resilient and more vulnerable. >> i just want to say because i think the point that you make picks up this idea that you say that nobody really seriously takes their idea of lessening government a serious point. >> i don't mean lessening, i mean privatizing the relief to the disaster victims. >> the way the republicans deal the head of fema and completely ignoring the importance of that role and being willing to institute somebody who has absolutely no experience and cannot do the job signifies how willing a republican government is to completely negate the importance of -- >> that's a
Nov 4, 2012 8:00am EST
about how we think of these elections. act was not successful in their goal of trying to help john kerry get elected, what survived was a reliance on data. they were simply changing the idea from campaigns being grass roots to talking with folks to be microtargeting. we are going to look at this block. this house, this house, this house are likely democratic households. this person is the target, not that person. we are going to contact them over and over again until we get them out to vote. using data was migrated into the obama campaign. we are going to be in a video game. we are in your video game and there's an obama ad. we are going find where you live like coca-cola targets you. it's survived tharks model. >> it's very important. obama seems to have mastered this whole thing. the microtargeting, the sophisticated analysis, there's a little thing called the voters and things called issues and how you get voters energized in your candidacy and in your platform. i think we lose a great deal of that in when we start talking so much about what is it going to take -- >> wait. defen
Oct 27, 2012 8:00am EDT
versal comments about rape. john sununu suggested that former secretary of state colin powell had crossed party lines to endorse president obama because of the president's race. i think what we're seeing in the race is essentially the race regressing to the mean. it's basically the race going to what its stable equilibrium is. if you go back and you look at the nate silver model, the role that nate silver's model plays in the psychology of liberals is a topic we could do a whole show on. people are wearing out their mouse button by clicking refresh. basically the race is where it was in june. i mean, so everything that was, you know, before everyone started campaigning, right, mitt romney gets the nomination, you basically have the race and then you have brrrrrr the race and now we're back to where we are essentially. what's been fascinating is this meta battle over momentum. i am fascinated by the amount of energy and labor being put in by both campaigns trying to spin it that they are winning when people are going to vote. like i really honestly don't get it. >> especially when
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)